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How could your hiring process look like with

There are infinite possibilities to customize the pipeline. Here's just one example of how it could work in your company.

Section - Pipeline

Create a new job opening and prepare your pipeline

  • In just a few clicks, build a hiring pipeline from ready-made blocks.
  • You can optionally configure additional information and estimated time for each pipeline block.
  • We don't have a limitation on the number of blocks. You can have as many pipeline blocks as you like.
Section - Candidate

Share the job opening with your candidates and let them apply

  • Invite candidates with an automatically generated link. This link will guide your candidates to the public job opening card.
  • Public job opening cards show all the crucial information about the job opening.
  • Candidates can either sign in with GitHub or email to apply for the job opening.
  • Each hiring pipeline starts with the Introduction block. Candidates in this block fill out a short introduction and upload an optional resume.
Panel Text IconCandidate applies for the job
Section - Questions

Test your candidate with custom set of questions

  • Next up, we have the Questions block, where you can ask your candidate some hard-hitting questions.
  • You can select a custom set of questions for each job opening.
  • Single-choice questions, multi-choice questions, or full-text questions? No problem!
Questions are stored in GitHub repositories
Section - Meeting

Get to know your candidate better at a meeting

  • If you are satisfied with the answers, you can schedule a Meeting with your candidate. Online or offline, the choice is yours!
  • We automatically create a calendar event and send it to all participants, so you have one less thing to keep in your mind.
Panel Text IconMeet with the candidate in‑person
Section - Coding Assignment

Challenge your candidates with a complete coding assignment

  • All good so far? Let's move to the Coding Assignment block and test the practical knowledge with some sophisticated tasks.
  • Candidates start with simply making a copy of your coding assignment repository. Once finished, they will create a pull request on GitHub for you to review. We will guide your candidates at each point of this process.
Code reviews are done in a familiar environment, on GitHub.
Panel Text IconReview the code at GitHub
Section - Evaluation

Make a final decision in the last block of your pipeline

  • At the end of each hiring pipeline, there is the Final block. In this block, you can let your candidate know of your decision.
  • However you decide, this block is the last place where you can leave your valuable feedback. After the Final block, you can take over and introduce your new employee to the team!

Build your own hiring pipeline and find the unicorn developer.

Our top features

We know it is frustrating

Looking for a good fit for your team is hard. Here are some of the features we designed to help you find it.

  • Customizable Pipeline
    Build a custom hiring pipeline in just a few minutes from our predefined blocks.
  • Candidate Management
    Observe, manage and interact with your candidates without hassle. You get all the crucial information in one place.
  • Questions Module
    Select the right questions for each job opening. You can choose from single-choice, multi-choice, or full-text question types.
  • Coding Assignment Module
    Analyze the practical knowledge of your candidates. Review their solutions in a familiar environment of GitHub.


Save time with our open-source resources

Don't have time to create your own questions or coding assignments? We've got you covered!

  • Coding Assignments
    Challenge your candidate with a complete programming task.
    See the Assignments
  • Questions
    Find out how your candidate tackles a selected mixture of questions.
    See the Questions