Rethinking the hiring process with open source in mind

Our mission is to encourage more developers to work on open-source projects and show them the companies that accept this work as part of their interview process.

picture of Ján Vorčák
Ján Vorčák@janvorcak

In the following blog, we will explain our motivation behind project and how we hope we can encourage more candidates and companies to use open-source as part of their hiring process.

We'll showcase the problems we see in the open-source community, the problems we see in hiring processes and sketch the proposal how they could be at least partially optimised for the benefit of both worlds on this platform.

Open Source Issues

We hear from everywhere that the open source is broken for many reasons, one being that people consider it granted. We recommend reading the post from Denis Pushkarev on this topic.

It starts with people who ask open-source maintainers to fix their problems for them. And it ends with big corporations relying on open-source projects without supporting them at least a little.

This wrong behavior often comes from people who never contributed to open-source projects, not even a tiny bit.

On the other hand, we also know that starting to work on open source is quite challenging. We want to make it super easy for people to create their first contributions so that they can:

  • ✅ Get used to the process of contributing.
  • ✅ Use these contributions for their future interviews.
  • ✅ Get some empathy for open-source contributors and understand that they invest much of their free time into it.

Hiring Issues

Hiring is a space where we constantly hear that companies and candidates are also having issues.

Companies usually need more qualified candidates.

Candidates are often unhappy about the interview process, usually because of one of these problems:

  • 🚩️️ Communication problems with the company
  • 🚩️️ Length of the process
  • 🚩️️ Irrelevant and repetitive questions
  • 🚩️️ Time-consuming coding assignments that are done separately for each company

Our Mission

We want to solve problems from both worlds on our platform.

  • 🚀 We will highlight the hiring companies and accept your open-source work instead of asking you for the coding assignment.
  • 🚀 We will make it easier for candidates to present their open-source work at the interviews. Or provide some guidance on how to start with the open-source contributions.
  • 🚀 Ideally, we would help some open-source projects to get some outside contributors.

We know it's ambitious, but we somehow feel that structurally connecting these two worlds may be a way forward. In case you'd like to be part of this either as a company or an open-source contributor, please join our Discord or reach out to me on Twitter.

Wish us luck!