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Customizable Pipeline
Candidate Management
Questions Module
Code Assignment Module

Limitless ways to customize the hiring pipeline to fit your needs

  • Do you need a different hiring pipeline for each job position? No problem! You can build the pipeline from predefined blocks however you like.
  • Fill out additional information for each block if there is something extra you'd want your candidates to know.
  • Set the estimated time to let your candidates know how long you expect the hiring process to take.
Section - Candidate

Powerful candidate management system

  • Stay up-to-date and organized. Each job opening you create has an overview screen that lets you quickly see the current hiring stage, the assigned contact person, and more about your candidates in one place.
  • Save your time with automatic email notifications sent to your candidates after every action you make.
  • Evaluate the performance of your candidates after each round of the hiring pipeline.
Section - Candidate

Test the theoretical knowledge of candidates with the questions module

  • Are you hiring a junior developer? Perhaps someone senior? Thanks to, you can stay flexible and pick just the right questions for each job opening.
  • Maintain your own database of questions easily with GitHub. Questions are stored in a plain YAML file which makes it super easy to update them in just a matter of seconds.
  • Don't have time to create your own questions? You can use any of our curated open source repositories.
Section - Questions

Analyze the practical knowledge of candidates with the coding assignment module

  • Do you hate when candidates email you the solution to your coding assignment attached in a ZIP file? Thanks to our tight integration with GitHub, you can review candidate solutions in a familiar environment. Candidates submit their work to you in the form of regular old pull requests!
  • Don't have time to create your own coding assignments? You can use any of our curated open source repositories
Section - Assignment

New features

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